Race time predictor

The Time machine.

The Driftline time machine accurately predicts potential race times for everyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. The Indurance app does this automatically for the user - you can also use it manually by adjusting only two parameters: max speed, and endurance. Click to fix one known race time for yourself and continue to move the sliders until you find a good fit.

Max speed30.0 km/h
DistancePace (min/km)Time
1500 m3:004:31
800 m2:412:09
400 m2:1955.77
200 m2:0925.86
100 m2:0812.80

Please bear in mind that endurance runners tend to overestimate their endurance when using the time machine. This is because their 5K and 10K personal best times are typically set when the runners are not in peak race condition and perhaps less motivated. Ideally, the best option is to perform an automatic race prediction with the Indurance app.

Exercise thresholds.

Exercise thresholds reflect the transitions between different types of muscle fibers during exercise. Use the sliders to see how endurance affects the alignment of exercise thresholds.

% of T5
T1Endurance threshold10.06:0033%
T2Critical threshold 15.03:5950%
T3Fitness threshold20.03:0067%
T4Intensity threshold25.02:2483%
T5Max speed threshold30.01:59100%

With Driftline analytics all exercise thresholds, including the lactate threshold (critical threshold), can be easily measured. Previously, this could only be measured by needles inserted directly into the body. NO MORE!

Training paces.

Driftline calculates optimal training paces and accurately identifies the ideal heart rate for each training session. If you know your maximum heart rate (HRmax), you can select it and use the sliders to estimate your ideal training paces and heart rates. For accurate HRmax and training paces you should use the Indurance app.

Training pacesTSpeed
Heart rate
Easy pace1.0010.006:00106
Steady pace1.5012.504:48132
Endurance training pace1.6713.334:30141
60 minute pace1.8314.174:13150
Lactate training pace2.0015.003:59159
30 minute pace2.0815.423:53159
Tempo pace2.2516.253:41159
VO2max pace2.5017.503:25159

The indicated heart rate is the ideal steady-state heart rate for heart rate based training. On a steady pace the heart rate will gradually drift upwards, so the pace should be gradually reduced to keep the heart rate steady. The ETP and the LTP training paces and heart rates, have been shown to be optimal for endurance training.

Critical distance.

Your critical distance (CD) is the maximum distance you can run on your critical threshold pace (T2). The CD is strongly endurance related and ranges from less than 5 km up to about 40 km for world class distance runners.

9.5 km

42.2 km

You can easily slow down and run farther than your CD, but for maximum efficiency, your CD should match or surpass your chosen race distance. In fact, only the most elite marathon runners are maximally efficient for the marathon.

The Endurometer.

Move the sliders to see how the speed thresholds are affected by endurance and max speed.

024681012141618202224262830T1T2T3T4T550%Endurance30.0 km/hMax speed

The Runscore.

The Runscore is a universal fitness metric adjusted for age, gender, and distance. It is based on the World Athletics scoring tables and gives a fair fitness score on a scale of 0 - 10. World-class runners at any distance may, however, tip the scale and a world-record performance may produce a Runscore of around 11.


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